Grandview Database v.30

We have today uploaded a new and updated version of the Grandview Database.   This version incorporates several hundred new and amended data points since the previous release. Much of this update is based on a thorough review of the 1921 Census reruns which also led to these three articles: Population Distribution in Grandview, Population Growth in Grandview 1911-1921, andContinue reading “Grandview Database v.30”

The Rental Market in 1921 Grandview

An innovation of the 1921 Canada Census was to ask detailed questions regarding those who rented, how much rent they paid, and how many rooms they occupied. According to the 1921 Census counts, in the core district of Grandview, there were: 4,547 people living in rental accommodation, or 44.27% of the Census population; They wereContinue reading “The Rental Market in 1921 Grandview”

Population Growth in Grandview: 1911-1921

Further to my previous post about the geographic distribution of population in Grandview in 1921, the following map illustrates the same using the 1911 Census returns (For a description of the block system used to map these results, please see here.): The 1911 Census showed a population count of 7,356 compared to the population inContinue reading “Population Growth in Grandview: 1911-1921”

Population Distribution in Grandview

When the suburb of Grandview was first surveyed and laid out for planning, the area within the core boundaries of Clark Drive (west), Hastings Street (north), Nanaimo Street (east), and Broadway (south) was divided into surveyors’ blocks, each with a unique legal designation. Grandview, at that time on the very edge of the new Vancouver,Continue reading “Population Distribution in Grandview”

Grandview Database v.29

We have today uploaded a new and substantially updated version of the Grandview Database.   This version incorporates more than 2,000 new and amended data points since the previous release. Now that the 1921 census data entry has been completed, analysis of certain overall characteristics of Grandview in 1921 can begin to be ascertained — population densities, household sizes, the location,Continue reading “Grandview Database v.29”

Historical House Prices in Grandview

At the most recent GHG meeting, I presented some preliminary research on house prices in Grandview from 1918 to 1946. Select graph for a better view. The data is drawn from real estate ads in the “Vancouver Daily World“, “Province” and “Sun” newspapers.  The data was filtered to include only those ads that (1) relatedContinue reading “Historical House Prices in Grandview”

Next Meeting: 20th June 2019

The next monthly meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group is this coming Thursday, 20th June, at 7:00pm.  As usual, we will meet in the Britannia Board Room on Napier. The proposed agenda for the meeting includes: Introductions An early land transaction and its place in Commercial Drive history Historical property values Summer meetings Car-free day:Continue reading “Next Meeting: 20th June 2019”

The Future of Mount Pleasant Heritage

If any of our readers are planning on going to Main Street tomorrow (June 16th) for the Car Free Day event, we would urge them to look out for the Mount Pleasant Heritage Group (MPHG) Heritage Lounge which will  be in front of Heritage Hall from noon to 7:00pm. MPHG have a lot of interestingContinue reading “The Future of Mount Pleasant Heritage”

When the King & Queen of England Came To Grandview

In the late spring of 1939, as the political situation in Europe darkened and war with Germany became inevitable, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth toured Canada by train to meet their subjects and bolster the bonds of Empire  From small-town whistle stops on the Prairies to bustling cities coast to coast, eager crowds cheered,Continue reading “When the King & Queen of England Came To Grandview”

Grandview Database v. 28

After a delay of some months due to technical issues, we have today uploaded a new and substantially updated version of the Grandview Database.   This version incorporates more than 6,000 new and amended data points since the previous release Grandview:  All Directory entries are now complete through 1918, entries from the 1921 Census are about 90% complete, and aContinue reading “Grandview Database v. 28”