GV Ratepayers’ Organized 105 Years Ago Today

“The Grandview Ratepayers’ Association was formally constituted last evening at a meeting held at the Grandview schoolhouse, the following officers being elected: President Maxwell Smith; vice-president J.J. Dougan; secretary-treasurer, J.R. Shannon. A constitution was adopted and immediate steps will be taken to secure recognition from the ratepayers’ central executive. The the attention of the city council will be drawn to the need of an improvement of conditions at the corner of Venables street and Park drive. It was decided to meet in future on the third Thursday in each month” — Vancouver Daily World, 19 Jan 1911, p,16.

Maxwell Smith lived at 910 Victoria Drive and was the editor of “The Fruit Magazine“. JJ Dougan was a traveling salesman, resident at 1601 E. 3rd. J.R. Shannon was a realtor living at 1650 Harris (later E. Georgia) Street.

The Grandview Ratepayers Association continued for a while but then faded away. In 1952 it was revived under the leadership of Harry Rankin and continued into the 1960s.


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