Progress on the Green House


The wraps are off the Green House – the former rectory of the Grandview Methodist/United Church on Venables near Victoria, which is being renovated to resume its role as the administrative and workshop space for The Cultch. Kudos to the city and the contractor! Earlier posts on this thread tell the story….

One thought on “Progress on the Green House

  1. We were checking the W.W.1 records of my grandfather Albert Joseph Guy and his wife Elizabeth Hearder LeMessurier . He was a Methodist from Newfoundland who seems to have resided at this house as he gave this address on his Marriage Certificate when they married on June 10,1916. He signed up for the war on June 20th 1916 and the address of next of kin, his wife, shows 2024 E.5. We also have his war records that show their connection to this address. Please contact us if this would be of interest to your group as we could bring them to one of your meetings. If you have information about the house at that time we would be interested also.
    With regards from Alan Hughes and Lesleigh Dick.


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