Meeting Notes: May 2017

The GHG had another fine meeting last night, covering a diverse set of topics. During the 1940s and 1950s, oil heating was marketed across Canada, became a popular alternative, and many people had oil storage tanks buried in their yards. These days, the old tanks are considered a hazard and are generally removed, especially when … Continue reading Meeting Notes: May 2017

Meeting Notes: February

We had another excellent meeting last night, with some new people joining us for the first time. I think they had a good tme.  Our discussions included: the Green House next to the Cultch.  Michael reviewed the history of our involvement and our desire to see the building renovated rather than demolished. It was noted … Continue reading Meeting Notes: February

Notes From The March Meeting

Nineteen people jammed the Britannia boardroom for our latest meeting, including first-timers, some of whom had been contacted about hosting a centenary sign on their front lawn. The highlight was Eric Phillips's excellent talk on the esoterica of knob and tube wiring, early electrical codes and how Grandview houses fitted seamlessly into the modern age … Continue reading Notes From The March Meeting

Historic House Mechanics & Materials #2

Another one for the diary in March! At the next meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group, Eric Phillips will present part two of the Grandview Historic House Mechanics and Materials series.  This edition of the fascinating presentations will provide a look at early residential electrical systems and will focus on knob and tube wiring, including … Continue reading Historic House Mechanics & Materials #2

Notes From The February Meeting

We had a busy, lively and highly productive meeting on Thursday last. The Centenary Birthday House project: We are still exploring options for permanent signs for the Centenary House campaign.  These will be offered to those houses that were celebrated in 2012. We followed up on our walk for the 2013 campaign, and will finish … Continue reading Notes From The February Meeting

Notes from the January Meeting

On Thursday evening we had a grand turnout for our monthly meeting.  It was, I believe, the largest gathering of its kind that we've had.  There were lively discussions about a wide range of topics. We began by discussing the Heritage Workshop put on by the Community Planners that many of us had attended during … Continue reading Notes from the January Meeting

Meeting Notes — August

We had a splendid meeting last night, with a welcome number of new faces appearing to add their insights and opinions. Much of our time was spent dealing with housekeeping matters to do with the Centenary Birthday Signs launch on Saturday morning.  We will kick off smartly at 10am with a short speech about 1912 … Continue reading Meeting Notes — August

Meeting Notes

We had a marvelous meeting last night, with lively discussion on a wide range of topics.  These included: our Centenary Signs project (the signs will be ready next week); the age of the buildings on the 1200-block Lakewood Drive (1909 and 1910); wallpaper stylings in early heritage homes; the large number of "party hats" (or … Continue reading Meeting Notes