Meeting Notes: April 2016

The GHG had another interesting and productive meeting last night with a fine turnout for a warm "early summer" night, After introductions, Jak attempted to show a short video entitled "Living In Gunter's World" which takes viewers through a short history of surveying measurements and how that has directly affected the shape and history of … Continue reading Meeting Notes: April 2016

Grandview Heritage Walking Tour

Join heritage expert John Stuart as he explores Grandview's industrial heritage.  Sunday 10th April 2016, 11:00am Free (though donations to GHG are always happily accepted) Tour begins and ends at the facilities building at Pandora Park, Garden & Pandora "A feature of recent town planning has been the separation of work and living spaces.  Today communities … Continue reading Grandview Heritage Walking Tour

Notes from the February 18th meeting

Our February meeting ranged over a number of topics: • Cynthia Low, the ED of Britannia Community Services Centre, attended the meeting to ask whether GHG would be willing to coordinate a research project on the history of First Peoples in the Grandview area. It would involve consultation with Elders, a review of historic documentation, … Continue reading Notes from the February 18th meeting

Meeting Notes, January 2016

The GHG had another well-attended and fascinating meeting last night, covering a wide range of topics: Eric took us through a long list of items on the regular Neighbourhood Update segment. We discussed the recent fires on Lily Street and Commercial Drive; land assembly around Broadway; new buildings on E. Peder and Ferndale; and another dozen … Continue reading Meeting Notes, January 2016

Early Immigrant Walking Tours: Strathcona

Strathcona, Vancouver’s historic east end, has been home to generations of immigrants from around the world. In the 1930s the local elementary school was called “the Little League of Nations” acknowledging the 33 nationalities that attended classes there. In the surrounding neighbourhood, local churches reflected the diversity and the evolving nature of immigration; a Lutheran … Continue reading Early Immigrant Walking Tours: Strathcona

Meeting Notes: March

We had about twenty people at our meeting last night, with a couple of new visitors.  I don't think anyone was disappointed with all that we managed to cover in a couple of hours. Michael Kluckner gave a detailed and excellent illustrated talk that led us through the history of heritage legislation and regulation in … Continue reading Meeting Notes: March

Meeting Notes: October

Excellent meeting last night with a number of new people in attendance, including two from Mount Pleasant who have been inspired to start a heritage group in their neighbourhood -- that's what we want to see all over the City!  There were a number of interesting items on the agenda: We started with an announcement … Continue reading Meeting Notes: October

Meeting Notes: July 2013

A good turnout of enthusiasts spent one of the hottest summer evenings last night in the cool of the Britannia Boardroom, discussing a wide range of heritage and historical topics: We began by patting ourselves on the back for the organization and success of the Shelly's Sign Party in June.  Especial thanks were given to … Continue reading Meeting Notes: July 2013

Notes From The March Meeting

Nineteen people jammed the Britannia boardroom for our latest meeting, including first-timers, some of whom had been contacted about hosting a centenary sign on their front lawn. The highlight was Eric Phillips's excellent talk on the esoterica of knob and tube wiring, early electrical codes and how Grandview houses fitted seamlessly into the modern age … Continue reading Notes From The March Meeting

Come Walk Commercial Drive’s Western Slope

On October 21st, famed guide Maurce Guibord will take us on a unique history walk.  As he describes it:   Let's head for the tracks! A tour of Grandview, but downhill all the way. On the slope leading down to the railway tracks, we'll see how urban development created a still-changing environment. Among other sites, … Continue reading Come Walk Commercial Drive’s Western Slope

Meeting Notes — September

We had a splendidly full and interesting meeting last night. Michael Kluckner led a discussion about how best we can approach the preservation of historic signs in Grandview.  These would include the Shelly's sign at the Via Tevere Pizza restaurant on Victoria, and the Cozy Apartments sign on Commercial. It was noted that there are … Continue reading Meeting Notes — September

Meeting Notes — August

We had a splendid meeting last night, with a welcome number of new faces appearing to add their insights and opinions. Much of our time was spent dealing with housekeeping matters to do with the Centenary Birthday Signs launch on Saturday morning.  We will kick off smartly at 10am with a short speech about 1912 … Continue reading Meeting Notes — August

Meeting Notes

We had a marvelous meeting last night, with lively discussion on a wide range of topics.  These included: our Centenary Signs project (the signs will be ready next week); the age of the buildings on the 1200-block Lakewood Drive (1909 and 1910); wallpaper stylings in early heritage homes; the large number of "party hats" (or … Continue reading Meeting Notes

Grandview Walking Tour, July 7th

Local resident and author Michael Kluckner will lead a walking tour of a corner of Grandview, examining blocks of century-old builders' houses and contrasting them with the finer homes of the real-estate speculators who put the 'grand' into Grandview, as it were. All proceeds benefit the projects of Grandview Heritage Group. Gather at 9:45 am … Continue reading Grandview Walking Tour, July 7th