Grandview Heritage Walking Tour

Join heritage expert John Stuart as he explores Grandview’s industrial heritage. 

Sunday 10th April 2016, 11:00am

Free (though donations to GHG are always happily accepted)

Tour begins and ends at the facilities building at Pandora Park, Garden & Pandora

“A feature of recent town planning has been the separation of work and living spaces.  Today communities are building transportation systems that carry huge numbers of people on the daily commute from home to workplace and back.  Grandview offers us a wonderful opportunity to explore the idea that this was not always the case.  Growth was much more organic.  A century ago and more large factories located on the Burrard Inlet waterfront near supply and shipping facilities – the lumber mills, shingle mills, sash and door factories and fish canneries…  The supporting foundries, the pattern shops, the saw makers, the fishing tackle makers, the boat works, the harness and boot makers, the work clothes tailors,… located nearby.  The residential community we know and love appeared with its supporting shopping area, often filling in the gaps between the industrial operations.”


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    1. Hi there: I understand from John Stuart that this will be about 90 minutes. Hope to see you there!


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