Pictorial History of Grandview

1975, First & Commercial

8 thoughts on “Pictorial History of Grandview

  1. Does anyone have information about maintenance options for a century old (1901) wrap around verandas ?
    This veranda is on a Heritage home in Esquimalt, now a condo complex. There is some wood rot on the perimeter lower stairs but the veranda is in amazingly good shape.
    Comments welcome.


  2. Hello
    I am wondering if it is possible to but a copy/file of one of the old photos to be able to make poster size one for myself
    As I grew up on Commercial Dr on the 60s & 70s the photo numbered
    VPL11967 brings a fond memory as I lived next door as a child and still go down to the drive occasionally it would make a great addition and a fantastic piece to have on my wall


  3. Sorry for the delay in response. The image you mention is VPL 11967 from the collection held by Vancouver Central Library. To make a decent poster, you will probably need a high res version of the image. Their website offers methods for obtaining the image you need.


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