Birthday #3 !!!

Today is the third anniversary of the first ever meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group, sitting around Penny’s table wondering what we might do with ourselves now that we were working together.

Looking back, I don’t think we have anything to worry about; what we have achieved in three short years has been magnificent. The amount of history we have unearthed, the number of houses we have cherished, the collegial atmosphere of the monthly meetings, the encouragement of a new Heritage Group in Mount Pleasant, the sheer fun of it all. And the City even gave us an award last year!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed — and that means everyone who has attended a meeting or one of our history walks or lectures and workshops, everyone who has visited and read from this site, and everyone who now thinks better of our neighbourhood and what makes us who we are.

Our next meeting is May 15th. Come join us as we celebrate some more!


One thought on “Birthday #3 !!!

  1. Hey, Jak! I was going to post a birthday message today, too, but you beat me to it. Just one little correction: Our first meeting was held around Craig Ollenberger’s kitchen table. He was just starting his amazing house renovation and his kitchen was in what is now his and Sheila’s master bedroom! Happy birthday GHG! We’ve done a lot in three years and had a lot of fun doing it, as well.


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