Postcards of St. Francis of Assisi

A friend sent me the link to the Blizzy63 Photostream, which is a feast of old postcards from around the province. I was interested to see images of St. Francis of Assisi monastery and church at Semlin and Napier, in the distinctive hand-tinted photographic format with cursive lettering of photographer Frank Gowen. I’d believed that he was out of business by about 1931, having sold to Coast Publishing which had a very different style; however, these cards cannot be earlier than 1938, when the church was built.




One thought on “Postcards of St. Francis of Assisi

  1. If you look in the book written by Fr. Boniface you will see the stats on me. I was born and raised a Franciscan. I sang in the choir first as a youngster and then older. I was a child of Mary. I was confirmed by Archbishop Duke. My dad Mr.Peterson was very active for years in the parish my brother and I both went to St. Francis school.


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