Petition To Save Vancouver’s Character Houses

A petition has been launched in an effort to stop or at least slow down the wanton demolition of Vancouver’s character houses.  I would urge everyone to sign on at

The petition includes a poignant video which is sad but worth the two minutes or so it takes to watch:

4 thoughts on “Petition To Save Vancouver’s Character Houses

  1. Vancouver wants to be Greenest City by 2020 and yet it throws away houses into landfill. City council bought of with bike lane support.

    This waste must stop.


  2. There isn’t a day that hasn’t gone by when I haven’t seen a mechanical shovel destroying a perfectly livable house in my area of 43rd ave east. A year ago I was able to drive safely down Renfrew street; today there are cars and huge SUV’s occupying both sides of the entire length of the street– making it quite dangerous driving at night. The governing Vision party, ensconced with sleazy developers must be exposed and removed from office along with their council members who are primarily concerned about keeping their jobs.The devastation must stop.


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