Update on the Shelly’s 4X sign

A plan is coming together to restore the sign on the side of the Via Tevere restaurant at Victoria and William. A small group of us are applying for grants to try to raise about $3000 for wages and materials to allow us to start work in April or May.

The sign looked like this when it was daylighted in 2011…


… but has faded really badly. This is how it looked the other day…


So time is of the essence. (both photos by Penny Street)

With the collaboration of mural artist Victoria Oginski, Penny Street, Anne Daskal and I will be sealing the surface and then retouching parts that have disappeared. If all goes well in the test we plan asap, the weathered quality of the sign will endure for future generations.

2 thoughts on “Update on the Shelly’s 4X sign

  1. Thank you! Your effort to preserve this interesting and unique remnant of our past is certainly to be commended.

    Grandview has the distinction of being a very historic neighbourhood – something that is generally not appreciated and celebrated enough.


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