1911 Census Finding Aid

The 1911 Canada Census, now available online, is an extraordinary resource for historians.  For those seeking information about individuals or families, a number of geneaological organizations have transcribed some of the data, making it a relatively easy matter to find people. However, the same cannot be said for those of us who study streets and neighbourhoods. I am not aware of any index to where a particular street can be found in the Census documents.

The 1911 Census is organized in Districts, sub-districts, and pages.  Vancouver is in District 12.  The data for Grandview is scattered among at least nine sub-districts, and streets are broken up among scores of pages within multiple sub-districts. It quickly becomes apparent that the data was collected by census officials taking long walks, often with no discernible logic to the route.

The table below is my effort to create an index of where 1911 Census data for Grandview can be found.by street name.

Census 1911It is probable that I have not yet found all the data available; but I believe the table above includes the vast majority of Grandview addresses.  I hope it proves of value to researchers.

4 thoughts on “1911 Census Finding Aid

  1. Once again BRAVO Jak! You have now made the amazingly detailed and informative 1911 census material easily accessible to people in Grandview trying to do personal or historical research. This represents many days of work on your part, and we owe you a big thanks for sharing this, making this index accessible to all for the first time.


  2. Jak, I think there is something wrong with the “found by” link in your posting.

    Nevertheless, the work you are doing in this area is appreciated!


    1. To be clear, the link was in the email version of the posting only. On this blog page, everything is fine. So, no problem really.


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