5 thoughts on “Grandview in 1912

  1. I believe this shot is actually looking west down Kitchener St (Bismark). The line of three houses on the right of the first intersection look suspiciously like my house and my two neighbours, which are at the corner of Cotton and Kitchener. The details are fairly unmistakable. I think the body of water in the background is therefore the original eastern shoreline of False Creek.


  2. Todd, you are correct that this is looking west along Bismark, probably from about Park Drive. I believe that this image, though dated 1912, is actually from 1910 or so as there are buildings missing from this image that appear on Goad’s map of 1912. I have written to you by email with more details. Many thanks for the contact.


  3. In your resonate to Todd, I noticed you said “a photo from Park Drive”. Is park drive commercial drive? I live right beside Todd ( I am the house in the middle with a small roof dormer facing east. It’s so interesting to see that dormer. When I bought the house the fourth floor had an interesting set up but the dormer was not there anymore. I’ve since rebuilt the fourth floor and will be putting the dormer back in time. There r two dormer frames on the west and east profiles of the roof


    1. And I can only imagine the view I will see when I return the dormer facing west!!! The home inspector said, when I bought the house in 1992, that it would have been typical for dormers to be present on that fourth floor. When I tore off the old walls on that floor, the dormer frames were made evident. I’m so glad this picture exists!!


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