Commercial Drive in 1912

Just to the east of Cotton Drive, site of the previous photo, stands Commercial Drive, and these are images taken the same year as the panorama of Grandview, one hundred years ago in 1912.

The year 1912 saw the end of a major building boom that had been in play for a couple of years. Commercial Drive benefited greatly from that construction.

The first image (VPL 7417) is of the westside of 1700-block Commercial, looking NW. The Brandon Block sits proudly in the middle of the block as it does today.

The second image (VPL 7423) is of the westside of 1800-block, again looking NW.

Finally, we have the just-completed Highland Block on the corner of Commercial and 4th Avenue (VPL 7418). The owners and builders were the Allan Brothers and the building — valued at $20,000 — was called the Allan Block until 1921.