The Jeffs’ Residence at Charles and Salsbury

Local history buff and Grandview resident James Evans is the developer of the site on the northeast corner of Charles and Salsbury. He has negotiated a Heritage Revitalization Agreement with the City that enables him to retain the enormous 1907 Jeffs’ mansion, move it closer to the corner, and renovate it. He will also add market infill housing behind the mansion and along both Salsbury and Charles.

He has made some interesting discoveries while stripping the mansion down for its big move, including a hidden stained glass window, a five-panel pocket door, and, in the basement, some charred joists (indicating that there had at some point been a fire).

In this first photo, you can see the stripped-down mansion (photo taken today, December 16, 2011). The actual moving of the mansion will take place sometime in January.

The original wood siding is being revealed under the stucco:
The five-panel pocket door:
The Little stain-glass window:

5 thoughts on “The Jeffs’ Residence at Charles and Salsbury

  1. Nice that he's saving the house but too bad it's at the expense of the evicted tenants. I'm guessing that the finished product either won't be rentals or will go for waayyy more rent than what the former tenants were paying. Either way the Drive loses a little more of its charm & livability.


    1. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great movie with a great lesson on love! This movie tells us so many thgnis we need to know about life. You can have everything and in an instant have nothing. You can lose it all and end up with all of it.


  2. Re: pasttense. As became clear at the council rezoning hearing (corroborated by former tenants), the tenants were going to be evicted anyway because the house was a wreck. That's the problem with this kind of 'affordability.' No maintenance = inevitable eviction. The choice council made was between restoring the house or demolishing it for strata-titled duplexes.


  3. Anon: when you frame it like that, you make it sound like an act of nature for which no one is culpable. City Council consistently makes decisions that help bloat property values, thus making affordable rents unsustainable and creating the false choices like the one you describe. Developers win, renters lose.


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