Centenary Signs 2015–16

Here is our map for the set of houses, at least 100 years old, we have chosen this year. There is a large cluster of them on Ferndale Street, reflecting the legacy of builder George Tyson more than a century ago.

This is the fourth year of our project to celebrate Grandview’s Edwardian-era heritage buildings. Links to the other three years are on the navigation bar at the top of this page.

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We thank the owners for their stewardship of the houses and their willingness to share them, through the display of the signs, with the community!

At our next meeting on September 17th, there will be a review of the houses and a modest celebration (i.e. cake!), along with our usual presentations and discussions.

3 thoughts on “Centenary Signs 2015–16

  1. I am currently researching the homes built in Vancouver between 1909 and 1918 by my great grandfather Hugh Everett Sinclair who lived on 2142 venables street. His brother George had a home and wood lot on 2149 Parker street. I brought my dad to Vancouver this summer to locate any of the homes that are still standing according to the building permit search we did. He also built homes on Lulu Island and farm homes and barns in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Can you explain what a frame d house is opposed to a 1/2 d house? Thanks Lee-Ann Lally


  2. Hi there: Sinclair was a busy chap. In my database, I have him down as builder of 9 properties between 3/4/1910 and 12/10/1913. In addition, I wondered if he was the “Sinclair” of Jureit. Sinclair & Hay who built two other properties in 1911.

    I believe that 7 are still standing: 1936 Parker, 2136 Adanac, 2195 Venables, 2103 Venables, 2149 Parker, 1943 Charles, and 1928 Graveley.


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