Missing Block in 1921 Census

I have been doing more work on the 1921 Census for Grandview and have discovered that the north side of the 2000-block Venables Street was missed by the enumerator.

The south side of the block (house numbers: 2012, 2030, 2036, 2052, 2056, 2062 and 2076) is captured on pages 4, 5 and 6 of district 22, sub-district 74 of the Census.  But after several hours of looking, I can find no trace of the north side on any page in that sub-district or its surrounding neighbours.

To double check, I did name searches in the Census for the residents listed in the City Directory for that year and again came up blank.

Given that the Census in those years was reliant entirely on fallible human surveyors, I wonder how many blocks or partial blocks were missed across the country?


2 thoughts on “Missing Block in 1921 Census

  1. Given the paucity of houses in the next blocks east, maybe they gave up as the directory collectors did?

    Venables 1921
    Lakewood intersects
    2103 Anthony Edw S
    2104 Ross Arthur G
    2109 Robertson James C
    21lO White James L
    2117 Strup Frank
    2122 Henderaon Lewls
    2122 (rear)Carlson Carl G
    2123 Pearl H D
    21Z4 Fernle Alex
    2136 Larson David W
    2137 McKelvle Archd J
    2142 Vacant
    2143 Marshall David
    2144 G|llard Herbt L
    2140 Murphy Mrs Margaret
    21S5 Henderson Wm
    2062 Vacant
    Templeton Drive Intersects
    2222 Shuldt Emil W C
    2230 Main James
    Garden Drive Intersects
    Nanaimo Intersects
    2426 Littler James
    2427 Garten Joseph
    2428 McLure Donald
    2434 Hamilton Robt
    2446 Webb Saml
    Clinton Intersects


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