The Signs Are In Place!

Three of us piled into Penny’s Mini this morning — along with signs and stakes and letters to residents — and terrorized the neighbourhood as we swept hither and thither from north to south, from Pandora to E. 7th, delivering and putting in place our 2013 Centenary Heritage signs.  Here are a couple of examples of how they look:

house 1house 2In the next few days we will publish a detailed map (suitable for a walking tour) with architectural and historical details for each of the 25 houses selected this year.


2 thoughts on “The Signs Are In Place!

  1. I must admit I did make a few rather dramatic U-turns! Sorry if I terrified my passengers! That traffic-calming, east of Victoria Drive, is dreadful for people trying to drive from one address to another to another…! I think it’s meant to thwart people just like me. I usually navigate that neighbourhood on FOOT, which is easy, but to deliver the signs, we needed a car.


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