Walking The Neighbourhood

Many of us of the Grandview Heritage Group took a long walk through the neighbourhood yesterday afternoon. We were looking at the houses we have listed as potentials for the 2013 Centenary House signs and trying to whittle the list down to 25.  The walk started in the 2000-block of Pandora and meandered down to First and Woodland where we stopped for the day.

The weather was perfect; it started sunny and bright and, as the exertion of the walk heated us up, it turned cloudy and cool:  couldn’t have been better.

It was a joy to look carefully at so many of the heritage treasures that decorate our streets.  Even more pleasant was to meet a lot of the residents who were drawn to wonder why a group of people were peering at their houses so intently.  They all seemed genuinely pleased to talk with us and to hear about our efforts to preserve and advertize these glorious Grandview assets.

In a week or so we’ll finish the second half of our list, this time south of First.

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