More Building Permits

I haven’t been writing blog posts regularly over the last few weeks because I am swimming in an ocean of historical data that I am trying to collate for a project.  Part of this data is coming from the extraordinarily important work that Heritage Vancouver is putting in to transcribe all the old Vancouver building permits and make them available on-line.

Patrick and his colleagues are to be congratulated for their far-more-than-useful efforts in making these landmark documents easily accessible to all researchers. This work continues, of course, and I understand that they have just this week released a further 400+ permits dated 1916.

Great stuff. Congratulations all around!



One thought on “More Building Permits

  1. Thanks GV Heritage! We’re up to 24,585 transcribed building permits now (all transcribed from handwritten ledgers in various states of legibility…), and are actively still adding to the searchable database, which covers the three historic pre-1929 municipalities of Vancouver, South Vancouver, and Point Grey.


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