Signs 2013

Back in February a group of us went out in the pouring rain and selected a number of Grandview’s wonderful houses to celebrate this year.  Then, a week or so ago, we delivered the signs to the householders who had agreed to join us in the celebration.

photo of sign for letter

Now, here’s the map of the houses, 100+ years old, displaying our historic Grandview signs.

Select “View Larger Map” for details about each of the houses. Please send in any comments or additions to build the stories of these wonderful buildings.

We will be launching the signs with a party at 1:30pm on May 4th on Grandview Park opposite 1636 Charles Street.  More details to follow, but everyone is welcome to join us in this celebration of Grandview’s glorious heritage houses.

5 thoughts on “Signs 2013

  1. Hello.
    I recently purchased a house located on 1876 Charles St (corner Victoria Dr) in the Grandview Woodland neighbourhood. I am interested obtaining any history or story on this house. Would you be able to help? Thank you for your help, Ja


  2. Yes, indeed. Your house (DL 264a, Block 46, Lot 12) was built by A. Harrison who is also listed as the owner on the building permit dated 14th April 1909. This was a frame house listed at $3,000 and the address on the permit was 1870 Charles; it was re-numbered soon after. The first resident in 1910 was Dr. Edward H. Saunders in 1910. He had his physician’s office at 203-207 W. Hastings Street.


  3. Hello,

    I’m interested in the history of my house at 2148 Graveley. It has seen a lot of changes, especially on the inside, some before my time, but most completed by myself. The pictures from realtors of the inside, (before renos) make it look like an italian villa, 1960’s vintage. Can you tell me some history of it?


  4. Hi,I am very interested in any information on the houses built by the brothers Ernest & Arthur Harrison. Ernest was my grandfather.They both emigrated to Vancouver around 1900.from England
    They lived in Kitchener st 2142 and Woodland drive I think.
    I have a pictures of three houses they built in Woodland drive and would love to have any other information in properties they were involved in.


  5. Hi there:

    The Harrison Brothers were VERY busy builders during Grandview’s boom years prior to First World War. In the Grandview Database we have them connected to:

    2065 Kitchener
    2071 Kitchener
    2077 Kitchener
    2142 Kitchener
    2148 Kitchener
    1235 Lakewood
    1343 Lakewood
    1683 Venables
    1758 Venables
    2331 Victoria
    2343 Victoria
    2349 Victoria
    1954 William
    1962 William
    1332 Woodland
    1340 Woodland
    1348 Woodland
    1857 E. 8th.

    In addition Arthur Harrison is connected to 1870 and 1876 Charles, and 1750 William.

    In the 1911 census, an Arthur Harrison lived at 1656 Parker, and Ernest was living at 2142 Kitchener (or Bismark as it was called then).

    We have quite a lot of information on each of these houses. Access the database and do searches on each address (i.e. “2077 Kitchener”) and “Harrison Bro” (which will catch both Harrison Brothers and Harrison Bros.

    If you need more assistance using the database, please do not hestitate to contact me directly at

    Finally, if you have any images ot documentation in any of the houses we would love to see it!

    Best regards

    Jak King


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