6 thoughts on “Birthday Signs Story In Courier

  1. I’m curious as to how the group decides which houses warrant a sign. Our house is over a hundred years old and yet we weren’t approached.


  2. We began with the city’s Heritage Register and then the choices expanded by word of mouth, people reading this site and others, and buildings we noticed as we walked the neighbourhood. We still have a few signs available, so if you can email me (jakking@shaw.ca) with your address, we can do the research on the date. Our other criteria is that the building still looks more or less as it did when it was built. Look forward to hearing from you!


  3. Great to see you celebrating our heritage homes. Our home at 1862 Charles dates back to 1908. We still have a small section of wood rain gutter and found an old bottle of rum in one of our walls which I am still finding the courage to try. Keep up the good work and if you need another home for a sign we would love to have one.


  4. Many thanks Rob. We are going to see how many signs we have left after the launch on Saturday and then make some final selections next week. Thanks again!


  5. I saw the signs and think the mirror image duplex house I bought in 2009 is 100 years old this year, but am not sure how to verify it. 802 Semlin Drive. I would like a sign if there are any left. If there aren’t any left, and someone can verify the age of the house, I can make my own sign.


    1. Hi there: Our 2012 campaign is now completed and in the next few days we will publish a detailed map and inventory of the 24 houses that received signs this year. I can confirm that your house was built in 1911/1912 and if you email me (jakking@shaw.ca) I will give you the details I have found.

      Thanks for your interest in our campaign to encourage the preservation of these wonderful old houses.


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