We had an interesting meeting last night, spending a long time discussing how we can “incentivize” the retention of heritage-worthy buildings, both in the residential and commercial districts of Grandview.

James Evans noted that he had recovered a copy of the Toronto Post dated 25th January 1906 from his renovation of the Jeffs House. The paper is rolled up and in a fragile condition. He is looking for someone who might be interested in it and who has the skills to preserve it.  Anybody out there?

This week has also seen a number of useful and interesting articles flowing by in the Twitterstream. These include a piece on the development of greenways in Seattle, a good article from Toronto about the hidden value of heritage properties, and another about heritage being the way of the future.

Finally, there are also some great images of the Waldorf Hotel’s tiki bar in the 1950s.

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  1. “Jas” has left this comment:

    Re: the 1906 Toronto paper, maybe ask: atticus-books.com or antiquarius.com.

    I didn’t realize just how rare original newspapers can be. Just yesterday, a librarian recommended the book “Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper” by Nicholson Baker. For more, read the product description on Amazon, as well as the lengthy Wikipedia page for Double_Fold.


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