Centenary Signs: 2012

Please click on the image for a detailed map and listing of the houses in our 2012 Centenary Birthday Signs project.

Here is a link to more stories about the Centenary Birthday Signs project.


2 thoughts on “Centenary Signs: 2012

  1. I have noticed the Centenary Birthday signs in the neighbourhood and i’m interested in finding out more about them.
    My wife and I live in house built in approx 1905, on Pender Street and am interested in finding out more of its history


  2. Hi Don: Thanks for your interest. We are just about to choose the 25 houses we will celebrate in 2013, so your timing is good. Please email me ASAP at jakking@shaw.ca with your address and (a) I will add your house to the prospects list and (b) I’ll tell you what history we already hold for your house.


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