The York Theatre

The old York Theatre at 639 Commercial Drive is undergoing a massive renovation.

It was originally constructed in 1913 as the Alcazar moving picture show theatre. It quickly became the home of Vancouver’s Little Theatre Company who used the facilities for 54 years under the name York Theatre. Some while ago it became a movie house for Indian films called the Raja, and closed for good about two years ago.

This image from Heritage Vancouver shows the Alcazar, the York and the Raja:

Now, the front section has been demolished and today it looks like this:

Hopefully by next summer it will be a brand-new York Theatre once again.

3 thoughts on “The York Theatre

  1. Just a reminder that the Alcazar Theatre opened as a legitimate theatre, not a movie theatre.
    Opening night of the Alcazar Theatre was on November 3, 1913. The play was “that screamingly funny and clever play” Too Much Johnson by William Gillette. It was presented by the Alcazar Stock Company, under the management of Mr. VanHarlinger. The reviewer for the Vancouver World described the new theatre as “the neatest and most completely designed theatre in the city. A very pretty, cosy little place, neat, clean, bright as a new pin.”


  2. Love the new look I use to work & Stay their 25yrs ago.
    It was a great place to work even back then I miss the old place.
    I have a lots of great memories there.
    Hope to get back home one to see the place.


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