Notes From February Meeting

We had another full house for the meeting yesterday evening, and as usual covered some fascinating topics.

  • We began with a presentation from a group of residents concerned about a proposed 6-storey project in the 1500-block Grant Street (the presentation is covered in more detail here). There were many questions and responses seeking to clarify the position of those opposing the development;
  • Michael Kluckner gave a delightful presentation on the history of the rec room and, in particular of the player piano. More specifically, it was about the player piano he and his partner inherited on buying their house. Very enjoyable.
  • John Stuart then mentioned a player piano concert to be held in Burnaby next week.
  • That segued well into Upcoming Events
    • Friends of Vancouver City Archives AGM 18 March including a presentation on the photo morgue donated by the Province;
    • Various Heritage Vancouver workshops;
    • Heritage Week 19 – 25 February
    • Vancouver Historical Society lectures for 22nd February, 22nd March, and 26th April (the last by our own Christine Allen on the history of gardens);
  • There was an update on the Shelly’s Sign on the Via Tevere restaurant on Victoria. The sign which we restored is suffering again from weather issues. When the weather turns a bit more friendly we will examine the best way to improve and maintain it.
  • Eric had another Heritage Tip, this one about using a tool for removing old trim without damage. This led to a good discussion about respirators to avoid dangerous dust hazards;
  • We discussed the 2018 edition of our Centenary Signs program. We will spend the next short while collecting suggestions for houses to be included. In April or May we will start the tour to check on the houses’ conditions and make final selections. It was suggested that this year we include some houses which are old enough to qualify but are in disrepair; the idea being to contrast and perhaps encourage general renovation;
  • We agreed to participate again in Commercial Drive’s Car Free Day in early July. We had a very good success last year and we are seeking additional ideas for this year’s displays.
  • We finished the evening with a short Neighbourhood Update which included news on a project at Pender & Commercial, the end of the Dairy Queen on Hastings, the Rio Theatre situation, and a reno at E. Georgia & Commercial.