The Business of Heritage

Input MagInput Magazine“, the journal of the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia, has published a number of interesting articles about heritage in their Winter 2013 edition.  To quote the Executive Director’s introduction:

“We have an article that I am sure will make you smile, all the while asking “Who owns heritage?” It gives great background about heritage conservation and the thorny issues of ownership and use. We have an article that asks where heritage fits in a changing city like Vancouver, which uses new research from a recent Vancouver Heritage Foundation survey to help find the answer. The City of Victoria’s Tax Incentive Program has brought it terrific success, generating renewed interest in heritage buildings and downtown development. We also explore whether “the greenest building is the one that is already built.”


These articles are interesting and, while slanted to the realtor, they are no less informative for that.

Many thanks to Monica for pointing these out to me.