Building Our History

One of the items we are most proud of here at the Grandview Heritage Group is the unrivaled collection of historical photographs of the neighbourhood that we are happy to display as the Pictorial History of Grandview.  But there must be many more, probably in family albums and personal collections.

The history of Grandview overlaps the period that — before the introduction of digital cameras and cameras in cell phones — created the consumer camera market with the ever-improving Brownie and similar point-and-shoot models. Commercial Drive, for example, was never without a local photo finishing business serving all the family’s film and developing needs. That being said, there must be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of photos of Grandview from before, say, 1980. Perhaps they are sitting in your old family albums, or in shoe boxes in the storage closet.

As historians of the neighbourhood, and as custodians of Grandview’s heritage, we would love to see them and add them to our display. They will help in the Heritage group’s inventory of potential heritage buildings, they will help illustrate changes in buildings and gardens over time; and they will help us share the importance of that heritage with everyone.

The idea is to collect these images, scan them for our use, and then return them straightaway to the owners.  No images would ever be published without the express written consent of the owner. If you think you have photographs that may be useful, please contact us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance!