Meeting Notes: July 2013

A good turnout of enthusiasts spent one of the hottest summer evenings last night in the cool of the Britannia Boardroom, discussing a wide range of heritage and historical topics: We began by patting ourselves on the back for the organization and success of the Shelly’s Sign Party in June.  Especial thanks were given toContinue reading “Meeting Notes: July 2013”

Online Resources for Researching the History of Your House

You can begin your research in your slippers and with a cup of tea, because there are good resources online. You might even find all you feel you need online. But once you start finding tantalizing tidbits of information, you will likely want to delve deeper; this will involve actually visiting the Archives or the VPLContinue reading “Online Resources for Researching the History of Your House”

Notes From The March Meeting

Nineteen people jammed the Britannia boardroom for our latest meeting, including first-timers, some of whom had been contacted about hosting a centenary sign on their front lawn. The highlight was Eric Phillips’s excellent talk on the esoterica of knob and tube wiring, early electrical codes and how Grandview houses fitted seamlessly into the modern ageContinue reading “Notes From The March Meeting”

A Lively Week In Grandview Heritage

This is an interesting week for heritage in Grandview. Next Saturday afternoon, we have our hands-on seminar on tracking down the history of your house.  See here for full details.  This will be a fascinating event and we look forward to seeing many of you there! Before then, we have our regular monthly meeting thatContinue reading “A Lively Week In Grandview Heritage”

Hunting The History of Your House

Here’s one for your calendar! Penny Street, long-time history buff, heritage advocate, and one of the founders of the Grandview Heritage Group, will be leading a workshop on how to research the history of your house.   She will be covering the use of building permits, water permits, City directories, Census entries and who knows whatContinue reading “Hunting The History of Your House”

Notes from the January Meeting

On Thursday evening we had a grand turnout for our monthly meeting.  It was, I believe, the largest gathering of its kind that we’ve had.  There were lively discussions about a wide range of topics. We began by discussing the Heritage Workshop put on by the Community Planners that many of us had attended duringContinue reading “Notes from the January Meeting”