More on Maxwell Smith

In January, I wrote of the anniversary of the first meeting of the Grandview Ratepayers Association. ┬áSince then I have received correspondence from our friend Jim Wolf of New Westminster. ┬áHe has sent the following image, probably taken in 1911, of Maxwell Smith, the Ratepayers’ first President. Jim writes that Maxwell Smith was also aContinue reading “More on Maxwell Smith”

GV Ratepayers’ Organized 105 Years Ago Today

“The Grandview Ratepayers’ Association was formally constituted last evening at a meeting held at the Grandview schoolhouse, the following officers being elected: President Maxwell Smith; vice-president J.J. Dougan; secretary-treasurer, J.R. Shannon. A constitution was adopted and immediate steps will be taken to secure recognition from the ratepayers’ central executive. The the attention of the cityContinue reading “GV Ratepayers’ Organized 105 Years Ago Today”