Meeting Notes: May 2014

We had another interesting meeting last night, with even more newcomers filling out the room.  It was great to see them. After introductions, Penny reported on the response to the 2014 Centenary Houses project.  She and Maria delivered 35 letters of proposal about two weeks ago, and we have already heard back positively from aboutContinue reading “Meeting Notes: May 2014”

Map of the Century Signs Houses

Here’s our two dozen houses from 1912 and earlier, all ones sporting our plaques in their front yards. Most of the photographs are by Penny Street. Readers interested in further analysis of common Vancouver housing styles of the period should seek out the book Vanishing Vancouver: The Last 25 Years, particularly the graphic on pagesContinue reading “Map of the Century Signs Houses”

The Birthday Signs Launch!

This morning we formally launched our Centenary Birthday Signs campaign in front of the wonderful series of 1912 houses on the south east corner of First and Victoria.  Twenty-five or more local residents — including a number of owners whose heritage houses now sport our signs — helped us celebrate the glorious heritage houses thatContinue reading “The Birthday Signs Launch!”