The Viaduct That Saved Grandview

Today is the 151st anniversary of the founding of Canada.  It is also the 80th anniversary of the opening of the First Avenue Viaduct.  We don’t often celebrate streets and other infrastructure; but the First Avenue Viaduct quite literally saved our neighbourhood from poverty and irrelevance. By virtue of geographic location and City Hall indifference,Continue reading “The Viaduct That Saved Grandview”

An authentic coal shute

Richard Mackie and Susan Safyan alerted us to a vintage feature of their building: “The Vault” on 1st just east of Victoria Drive. “It is a good story: we had a leak in the basement that finally we traced to a wall. With the condo’s ultimate support we had the wall taken down. The sourceContinue reading “An authentic coal shute”

Meeting Notes: July 2013

A good turnout of enthusiasts spent one of the hottest summer evenings last night in the cool of the Britannia Boardroom, discussing a wide range of heritage and historical topics: We began by patting ourselves on the back for the organization and success of the Shelly’s Sign Party in June.  Especial thanks were given toContinue reading “Meeting Notes: July 2013”

First Avenue Viaduct — The Saviour of Grandview

Today is the 75th anniversary of the opening of the First Avenue Viaduct, an event that rescued and re-invented what was then a failing Commercial Drive suburb and to link it firmly once and for all to the growing city of Vancouver.  The story of Charles Smith and the First Avenue Viaduct is the veritableContinue reading “First Avenue Viaduct — The Saviour of Grandview”