The Sensational Develoment of Grandview

One hundred and ten years ago today, Grandview was essentially empty of residents with, perhaps, two score of enterprising families staking their claim in what was still mostly scrub and tree stumps. But then Dow & Co became agents for the newly opened sub-division, and they became our first boosters.  This Vancouver Daily World adContinue reading “The Sensational Develoment of Grandview”

A Party To Celebrate The Sign

This Sunday at 3:00pm we will have a small ceremony at William and Victoria to dedicate a plaque that will signifiy our work in preserving the wonderful Shelly’s 4X Sign on the outside wall of the Via Tevere restaurant. This small ceremony will take place during a street party in that same block where cakeContinue reading “A Party To Celebrate The Sign”

Meeting Notes — September

We had a splendidly full and interesting meeting last night. Michael Kluckner led a discussion about how best we can approach the preservation of historic signs in Grandview.  These would include the Shelly’s sign at the Via Tevere Pizza restaurant on Victoria, and the Cozy Apartments sign on Commercial. It was noted that there areContinue reading “Meeting Notes — September”

Historic Victoria Drive Building Unveils 1920s Ad Mural and New Tenant

On Friday evening, March 23, 2012, Dominic and Giorgio Morra’s Via Tevere PIzzeria Napoletana opened for business, clearly a unique local business and a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. It actually gives the neighbourhood a whole new feel after the  vacant, run down storefront that was there for about a decade. And thanks again toContinue reading “Historic Victoria Drive Building Unveils 1920s Ad Mural and New Tenant”

The Drive’s First Ad

This advertisement appeared in the Vancouver World in January 1908. It is the earliest ad I have yet found for any business on Commercial Drive (then known as Park Drive). This pioneering grocery business operated by E.F. Hepper at 1703 Park Drive in 1908 and 1909 and moved across the street to 1742 Park DriveContinue reading “The Drive’s First Ad”

Grandview Subdivision — $300 per lot!

Back in the spring and summer of 1907, Grandview was the hot item both for speculative land investors and working class home-seekers.  Much of the land east of Park Drive (now called Commercial Drive) had barely been cleared; new sub-divisions were arriving on the market all the time. This ad from an East End brokerContinue reading “Grandview Subdivision — $300 per lot!”

More Links From The Stream

Our twitter feed @GVHeritage has brought us more interesting items: Here is Allan Garr’s opinion that the STIR program has not brought affordable housing to Vancouver. Given the assumed change in planning philosophy, this needs to be kept in mind. This next piece is from the Economist and discusses the feel of streetscapes and crowdContinue reading “More Links From The Stream”