Goad’s 1912 atlas now a VanMap layer

Regular readers of this blog, and researchers of local history, will be aware of the 1912 Goad’s Fire Atlas, which has been available in low-res images on the national archives website for the past few years. As part of the fantastic digitization efforts undertaken by City of Vancouver Archives, the atlas is now available inContinue reading “Goad’s 1912 atlas now a VanMap layer”

The green house next to The Cultch

After a hiatus of a couple of years, I’ve begun to take my sketchbook out into the city looking for derelicts – looking for pending change. One place that’s been on my mind is the house at 1885 Venables that was used as rehearsal and administration space next door to The Cultch. The house wasContinue reading “The green house next to The Cultch”

Notes from the January Meeting

On Thursday evening we had a grand turnout for our monthly meeting.  It was, I believe, the largest gathering of its kind that we’ve had.  There were lively discussions about a wide range of topics. We began by discussing the Heritage Workshop put on by the Community Planners that many of us had attended duringContinue reading “Notes from the January Meeting”

James Guinet: A Builder of Grandview

Between 1908 and 1912, during the boom that essentially created Grandview,  James Guinet was responsible for building at least 45 houses in the community, and probably more. But only the barest of facts are known about him.  These are notes for a biography of what might be one of the most important figures of Grandview’sContinue reading “James Guinet: A Builder of Grandview”

The Birthday Signs Launch!

This morning we formally launched our Centenary Birthday Signs campaign in front of the wonderful series of 1912 houses on the south east corner of First and Victoria.  Twenty-five or more local residents — including a number of owners whose heritage houses now sport our signs — helped us celebrate the glorious heritage houses thatContinue reading “The Birthday Signs Launch!”

Centenary Birthday Signs Campaign Release

In recognition of the heritage-rich character of the Grandview neighbourhood, the Grandview Heritage Group (GHG) is officially launching its Centenary Houses celebration campaign at 10:00 am on Saturday 18th August with a sign-posting and birthday cake event at 1710 and 1718 Victoria Drive, just south of 1st Avenue.  The public is warmly invited to attend.Continue reading “Centenary Birthday Signs Campaign Release”

The Alvarado Block

The Alvarado Block, which still dominates the corner at Commercial & Graveley, opened for business one hundred years ago in 1912. Owners J.Y. Griffin and J.M. Brown received a building permit on the 7th April 1911 and they hired architects Townsend & Townsend to design a $16,000 three-storey brick edifice with stores and apartments.  TownsendContinue reading “The Alvarado Block”

Goad’s 1912 fire atlas on line

Library and Archives Canada have recently added a copy of a century-old property atlas (used by the fire insurance industry) to its website — the perfect time-waster for a rainy day. Grandview is in Volume 2. Click on the link above and search on the archives site or use Google to search Goad’s + VancouverContinue reading “Goad’s 1912 fire atlas on line”

Grandview Theatre — 100 Years Ago Today

On February 12th, 1912, Thomas Shiels opened the Grandview Theatre movie house at 1712 Commercial. It is the white-arched building in the middle of this image. The building permit had been dated 10th October 1910, with J.J. Donellan as architect and Jones & Purvis as builders. In his opening advertizing in the Western Call, ShielsContinue reading “Grandview Theatre — 100 Years Ago Today”

4th & Commercial: 1912

In August 1911, T.A. Allan and his brother received a building permit to erect a three-storey brick apartment building on the corner of Commercial & Fourth Avenue. In the previous two years, the Allan Brothers had erected large buildings at 1872 Barclay, 1460 Bute, 1860 Comox and 3216 E. First. By the spring of 1912,Continue reading “4th & Commercial: 1912”