Before Lily Street Was Named

Lily and Rose Streets are two of the most interesting oddities of Grandview, being “off the grid” of the surrounding streets.  No doubt they were a function of lot-splitting at some early date.  I have found what may be one of the first mentions of “Lily Street”. In August 1907, famous local auctioneer J.J. MillerContinue reading “Before Lily Street Was Named”

Grandview Subdivision — $300 per lot!

Back in the spring and summer of 1907, Grandview was the hot item both for speculative land investors and working class home-seekers.  Much of the land east of Park Drive (now called Commercial Drive) had barely been cleared; new sub-divisions were arriving on the market all the time. This ad from an East End brokerContinue reading “Grandview Subdivision — $300 per lot!”