New copper steeple at St. Francis of Assisi

In this era of metal theft and high copper prices, it’s wonderful to see the new copper steeple atop the St. Francis of Assisi Church on Napier at Semlin. The church dates from 1938; Franciscan monks had used the grand old house adjoining it as a monastery beginning about 1924. The monastery evolved into aContinue reading “New copper steeple at St. Francis of Assisi”

Creating A New Storefront

I see that Liberty Wines are just about ready to open at 1622 Commercial, in the storefront that used to be Waazubee Cafe. I also see they are only taking the south side of what has now become a two-storefront building for the first time. The original property on this lot was an office withContinue reading “Creating A New Storefront”

The Development of the 1500-block Commercial

From the earliest days of Grandview’s development, the lots on the southeast corner of Commercial and Grant were owned by the Odlum family. Professor Odlum, the pioneering patriarch of the family, built himself a large house on Grant Street, leaving the lots along Commercial vacant, paying taxes on them and keeping them neat. In thisContinue reading “The Development of the 1500-block Commercial”

The York Theatre

The old York Theatre at 639 Commercial Drive is undergoing a massive renovation. It was originally constructed in 1913 as the Alcazar moving picture show theatre. It quickly became the home of Vancouver’s Little Theatre Company who used the facilities for 54 years under the name York Theatre. Some while ago it became a movieContinue reading “The York Theatre”

Reno on Ferndale

This house at Ferndale and Semlin has been surrounded by a construction fence for some months, awaiting the start of a basement reno. Joseph Rainey built it in 1909, probably with his sometime partner George Tyson, whose name appears on the permit for the similar blue house on the southeast corner of Ferndale and Semlin,Continue reading “Reno on Ferndale”

Next Meeting: December 15th!

Our group was conceived at a meeting of the Grandview-Woodland Area Council (GWAC) in the Spring of 2011, and we have met regularly (and separately from GWAC) ever since. We are developing a heritage inventory of the neighbourhood, and, in the future, we plan to produce walking tours, lectures, signage, and pamphlets to present Grandview’sContinue reading “Next Meeting: December 15th!”