Next Meeting: 15th February

The next meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group is on Thursday 15th February at 7:00pm.  As usual, we meet in the Britannia Boardroom on Napier.

This month’s agenda will include:

  • a presentation by Michael Kluckner on player pianos and rec rooms;
  • a discussion regarding the Shelley’s sign;
  • a presentation on a special tool useful for heritage renovation;
  • a presentation regarding threatened houses on Grant Street;
  • the 2018 Centenary House Signs campaign;
  • the 2018 Car Free Day table;
  • Eric’s Neighbourhood Update

We always welcome other items of heritage and historical interest, so come along and add your particular item to the agenda.

Hope to see many of you there!


One thought on “Next Meeting: 15th February

  1. I’m wondering if I might have a few minutes of your meeting time this Thursday night, the 15th, to request endorsement of a BritPlan 55+ proposal to advocate for a larger, more functional Seniors’ Centre in the renewed Britannia Complex. I can email a copy of the Proposal so that your members can have an advance look, but I need to know who to send it to.


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