Next Meeting: January 18, 2018

We won’t be having a December meeting — too close to Christmas and holiday season — so our next meeting will be Thursday, January 18th. As usual, we will meet in the Britannia Boardroom at 7:00 p.m.

We’ll post another reminder a few days before we meet.

Our agenda is always flexible and our discussions are always educational and entertaining.  And, of course, everyone is welcome! Do come and join us!

2 thoughts on “Next Meeting: January 18, 2018

  1. Hi there – My name is Barbara Broughton and I plan to attend for the first time . Is there an agenda? Speakers? Mission statement?

    See you soon,
    Kind regards


  2. Hi Barbara: Look forward to meet with you. We do not have a speaker for January and our agenda is always fairly loose. We will probably start with our monthly look at developments in the neighbourhood — heritage houses being altered, etc — and see what lively conversation develops from there. If you look back on the site we usually publish quite detailed notes from each meeting (, so that will give you an idea of how it goes.

    Quite often we have a presentation regarding local history or heritage but I don’t think there will anything specific this month as many of us have taken a break from research during the winter.

    We will also start our planning for events etc later in the year — heritage house signs, No Car Day displays, that kind of thing.


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