GHG Events In July

There will not be a formal meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group this month. However, we will be involved in two exciting events:

  • On Sunday 9th July, from noon until about 6:00pm, GHG will have a booth at Commercial Drive’s Car Free Day festival. Our booth will be on the east side of Commercial just north of Parker, outside Bosa Foods. We will have a number of displays of Grandview’s history and heritage, odd items for you to guess their function, and access to the Grandview Database to look up the history of your house. In addition there will be volunteers who can discuss local heritage issues. We hope to see many of you and for you to put faces to names you may have read here and elsewhere.
  • Then, on Saturday 22nd July at 2:00pm, we will be unveiling a commemorative plaque to celebrate the extraordinary history of the house at 1350 Graveley Street which after being moved twice, is the oldest surviving house in the neighbourhood, dating from 1899. The current owner/occupiers will be joined for the celebration by¬†descendants of the original family that built the house. Come join us for this historic event!

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