Grandview Database v.11

We have today uploaded a new and updated version of the Grandview Database.  We have launched this version two days earlier than scheduled in order to ensure that the latest version is available for a “How To Research Your House” seminar at Britannia on Tuesday 28th February.

This version incorporates more than 570 new data points since the previous release.

This version also includes the start to a reformatting of dates. Dates in the database have previously been formatted as month-day-year; this is changing to year-month-day which allows for easier scanning of dates, especially for those entries that have considerable detail.

At the same time, I have reformatted the last column which contains all the historical material. Bullet points have been removed to allow more space for data in an otherwise constrained environment, and allows for a more comfortable scan down the years for those entries with a great deal of data.

There are many thousands of dates and data points in the database and so changing formats is a long and tedious business, only a fraction of which can be automated. The change has begun with this version and is about 60% complete. You will still find both formats represented for a while. As time passes, the older formats will be discontinued.


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