The May Meeting

Wow!  Time just zips by when you’re busy saving the world; and here we are already at the next GHG meeting.

The meeting is on Thursday 19th May at 7:00pm in the Britannia Boardroom as usual.

The agenda will include the Neighbourhood Update, and also a discussion about our participation in No Car Day this year.  I’m sure there will be plenty of other things to keep us busy.

As usual, everyone is welcome, so come on along!

One thought on “The May Meeting

  1. While visiting Lynden Washington on the weekend everyone wanted to tell me about Lynden’s winning one of the spots on the 25 Best Main Streets in America contest.
    As always Lynden was immaculately clean, the people friendly and building upkeep in first rate order. What is it then that the people in Lynden or the United States thought were the critical ingredients for, in essence, the best place in the land to live? For one thing, we walked from one end of beautiful downtown Lynden to the other. Did someone mention No Car Day?
    Lynden’s profile in the main street contest is here:
    WE all make the assumption that the heritage of a community is critical. Does anyone ELSE think that?
    The Question is: If we prepare a booth for next year’s Commercial Drive events,
    What are our issues? What do we want to say? What do we want people to know?


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