Next Meeting: 18th February

It is just about time for the next meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group, which will take place in the Britannia Boardroom, in the Info Centre, at 7:00pm on Thursday 18th February.

Our agendas are always loose and changed on the fly. However, we anticipate this meeting will include:

  • A discussion on Grandview’s pre-contact history, with Cynthia Low of Britannia;
  • An update from Claire Stepansky on her paper looking at the social history of the Britannia property [subject to Claire’s availability];
  • A reference to the possible sale and redevelopment of St. Francis’s properties;
  • What’s Happening In the Neighbourhood — always a favourite, and certain to engender wide-ranging discussions;
  • Further discussion about public walks for 2016;
  • Another episode of Eric’s excellent series on Mechanics and Materials: this one is about seismic upgrading;
  • First thoughts about Car Free Day this year

Come join us. Everyone is welcome!

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