A rooming-house funeral and other events


4 pm today, Sunday, September 7th, at 1723 Napier. Dress: funereal

A piece of performance art to celebrate the history of and bemoan the loss of one of Grandview’s historic houses, at 1723 Napier, as much for its cultural history as its architecture. With all of the problems involved in keeping old rooming houses going, in keeping them maintained, safe and affordable (often mutually exclusive goals for landlords), our neighbourhood is evolving away from the diverse, arts-friendly, densely populated, weird vibe that drew many of us here in the first place. This old house will be replaced by a duplex.

A Mount Pleasant event: the Heritage Lounge, Sunday, September 12th


A vintage film: My House is Your House, Saving the Salsbury Garden

A 10-year-old film by Ian Marcuse describing the efforts to save the informal garden at Salsbury and Napier which occupied the sideyard of two BC Mills cottages and became a neighbourhood sanctuary; two duplexes now occupy the site.

It’s on YouTube here.

One thought on “A rooming-house funeral and other events

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