Next meeting Thursday July 17th, 7 pm

We’re having our regular monthly meeting, time and date above, location same as always (the Britannia boardroom) for all who are in town.

The four items we have as an agenda so far are:

• a brief update from Michael Kluckner on some of the work the city is doing to look at heritage conservation tools elsewhere in North America, Britain and Australia in search of innovative strategies.

• an interview Bruce Macdonald recorded with legendary planner/politician Bob Williams, a Britannia grad and Dave Barrett’s right-hand man during the NDP government of 1972–5.

• a presentation by Eric Phillips on linoleum, part of his series on the materials and workings of early Vancouver houses; and

• a presentation by Michael Kluckner on the old Burnaby Lake tramline, which until the early 1950s branched off Commercial Drive at 6th Avenue (the post office site) and looped down onto 1st Avenue before heading east into Burnaby along the corridor now used by Highway 1; it includes some glorious Kodachrome film from the late 1940s of interurbans running on the line and on Venables and Clark.

Please join us! There are no formal memberships or other folderol. We’re just a casual group of local historians and other heritage enthusiasts exchanging information about our historic community.

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