20,000 Maps Made Available

The New York Public Library has just made available a collection of 20,000 maps in high definition downloadable format.

I am certain there will not be a single map of Grandview there, nor even of Vancouver, but I believe it is important to celebrate and praise the opening up of such material that previously was available only to scholars and those able to visit the NYPL. It encourages others to do the same!

3 thoughts on “20,000 Maps Made Available

  1. Thanks for this amazing news. This has to be an indicator that scanning maps is getting cheaper all the time and we can look forward to more digitized maps of Vancouver and Grandview.


  2. Once can be ready for the Autumn 1914 outbreak of the First World War with the750 maps of the NYPL Austro-Hungarian military (Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Militärgeographisches Institut) collection.

    together with the fabulous ANNO [ http://anno.onb.ac.at/ ] ( the virtual newspaper reading room of the Austrian National Library. Historical Austrian newspapers and journals (dating from 1810-1935) have been digitized, preserved and made available through this online collection. At the end of 2009, ANNO had about 4.76 million digitized pages in its holdings. Users can either browse a list of titles or search via date of publication) see daily reports and plot them around the Empire)

    Frederic Morton did this with his book “Thunder At Twilight: Vienna 1913/1914” and the complete daily files of Der Arbeiter Zeitung (Social Democrat newspaper)


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