Monthly meeting, October 17th, 7 pm

Our usual meeting, in the Britannia boardroom from 7 till 9, will consider the following topics:

• Candidates for our 2014 “Century Signs” campaign – dividing the neighbourhood into sections, walking and evaluating, the timing for removing the 2013 signs and rolling out the 2014 houses

• the permanent plaques: update on the proposal to offer heritage plaques, for a fee, to interested homeowners, which leads to….

• light-proofing the Shelly’s plaque – the one we installed in June has faded quite badly. We will discuss options on how to shield it from UV and consider alternatives to the kind of plaque we used there

•Astorino’s and the Boffo project at Venables and Commercial: the old Astorino’s dance hall space is potentially a victim of the redevelopment process that Boffo, with support from the Kettle society, is trying to fast-track past the community plan process. Is it worth trying to put together a Statement of Significance or mount some other intervention?

•1872 Parker at Victoria Drive: the Queen Anne-style Woodhouse house (see the post below) is about to be demolished, the current owner having no interest in retaining it. As the building is not on the heritage registry, there appears to be little that staff can do to delay the owner’s development application. The only requirement the city is putting on the owner is the retention and repair of the granite wall. Is there value in a community campaign or will this just become a “teachable moment”?

•Danielle and Alyssa from Mount Pleasant are hoping to attend as part of their effort to form their own heritage group like ours.

• And, there may be a Powerpoint presentation on some aspect of our history and heritage.

Hope to see you there.

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