Introducing The Grandview Wiki

For the last few months we have been working on creating a wiki for Grandview. For those for whom the term “wiki” is obscure, it is, in short, an online encyclopedia of information that can be updated easily. The best known of these is Wikipedia.

The Grandview wiki is designed to capture as much information as possible, to list and describe everybody who ever lived in the neighbourhood, to list and give histories to all the businesses that ever operated here, to identify and celebrate every house and building that ever existed in Grandview.  A rough estimate is that there is over 100,000 pages of data available to meet these requirements.

We have made a start. We now have several hundred pages of information started (along with another 1,500 pages that we already know need to be created) and so we believe we can now make it public and at least give you an idea of what we trying to achieve.  The link to the wiki is here — and will be permanently listed near the beginning of the right hand sidebar.

The information in the wiki is grouped into a number of major categories (history, streets, parks, individuals, businesses, and groups) which you will find on the Main Page. But, as you will discover, the power of a wiki is in the complex linking of information between categories. You might look up a particular hardware store, say, and you will find it is linked to all the other hardware stores in the database and to every business that operated from that address and to the individuals who worked there. At this point, the data for Commercial Drive is the most detailed (though still far from complete).

Note that, as usual on the Internet, blue texts are links. Red text are links-still-to-come.

We have so far entered only a tiny percentage of the information we have available (and there are very few images yet), but still our ambitions are high. As mentioned above, we want to list everything that is known about Grandview.  Moreover, we hope that the Grandview Wiki will be a beacon to other neighbourhoods and cities to create their own wikis and, thereby, increase the availability of information to us all.

Please visit and see what we are talking about.


2 thoughts on “Introducing The Grandview Wiki

  1. This is a marvellous project. I just read about the clearing, grading, and planking of sidewalks on my block and when the water & sewer (1908) were put in.


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