Next Meeting: 16th May

Another month gone and we are ready for our next public meeting.  It will take place on Thursday 16th May at 7:00pm at the Britannia Board Room on Napier Street.  Everyone is welcome, as always.

We have a lot of material to discuss (and show) this month.

  • Michael Klucker will be giving a short presentation on the history of William Shelly, the man behind the glorious sign he and other volunteers have just restored at Victoria & William.  We will also be presenting more details of the street party we are organizing there for June 23rd;
  • We will be finalizing details for our involvement in the Heritage Vancouver Heritage House Tour of June 2nd, and of CarFree Day on the Drive on June 16th.
  • We will have more news of our 2013 Centenary House Signs campaign, including a suggestion for permanent ceramic plaques for the houses;
  • The highlight of the evening may well be another presentation by Michael Klucker, this one about the various types of House Styles found in Grandview heritage houses;
  • Several of us will talk about our experiences talking to 5-year olds about heritage at Britannia Pre-School later this week;
  • We will also discuss future walks and talks.

As usual, there will be interesting items not even on the list above.  Do come and join the conversation that helps us identify, protect and enhance the heritage of Grandview!

One thought on “Next Meeting: 16th May

  1. I’m hoping to join you some 3rd Thursday at Britannia. Was just noticing that you mentioned Michael “Klucker” – his name is actually Kluckner just for the records. Sincerely, Marilyn Jarvis, Grandview


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