Next meeting: January 19th!

The next meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group will be Thursday, January 19th, 7:00, at Britannia Centre (in the Board Room in the Info Centre).

In the spring of 2012, the City of Vancouver will formally launch a Community Plan process for the Grandview-Woodland Local Area. The Planner overseeing the process is Andrew Pask, and he will be at the meeting on January 19th, to get our input.  He writes:

Community Plans are policy documents that provide guidance and direction on a wide range of topics, including housing, transportation, public realm (parks and open space) improvements, land-use, urban design, social issues, and cultural spaces and activities.  In the case of Grandview-Woodland, the planning area will comprise the full neighbourhood — bounded by Nanaimo, Clark, Broadway and Burrard Inlet.

We’re at the beginning stages of this work, and are in the process of developing a neighbourhood specific Terms of Reference (T-O-R) to that will outline how the 21-month planning process will unfold.

 As part of developing the Terms, I had spoken with a few of you about conducting a small focus group with the heritage committee.  The purpose would be to gather some preliminary input on the following items:

  • Issue and asset identification (what are the strengths of the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood?  Where are there opportunities for improvement?)
  • Sub-Area geographies (identifying areas in the neighbourhood that require more focused attention)
  • Specialized outreach and engagement considerations (how can we best involve the G-W community — and the people that you work with — in the planning process?)

The information that I gather during this session would be used to directly shape the planning process that then unfolds in the neighbourhood.

Please attend! It should be a very interesting meeting!

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